The Juicy Fruits of Life!!!

It is still amazing to me how these seemingly small connections in life are the seeds of amazing and fruitful future encounters! In 2010, I became a founding member of a website that memoralizes, through art , a loved one who has died. The website is called Bereavement Artists- The idea and brainchild of this was formed and created by myself and two beautiful healing artists, Gina Klawitter and Anita Larson of Denver Colorado.
This was something that we are passionate about and still continues to this day under the leadership of Gina and Anita. As a result of this work the three of us were noticed by Renee Phillips, a successful Artrepreneur Coach of Manhattan Arts International in Manhattan New York. Our mission to help others cope in their bereavement process through memorializing a loved one through art was one of many that were featured in her book “Artists Who Inspire”.
I have since moved on from the Bereavement Art Group but it is still going strong. . If you want to memorialize a loved one with art in painting, jewelry, ceramics, collage etc. this is a jewel of a resource to go to. I am proud to say that I helped in hand picking these beautiful talented souls for this process. More juicy fruit……….as of today, I have been selected one of 44 throughout the country to be a featured online gallery artist for the month of May-June in Manhattan Arts International, Celebrate the Healing Power of Art.
This was a juried competition offered by the one and same Renee Phillips, director of Arts International, , as well as Edward Rubin, New York based arts writer and curator, and Nancy Reyner, artist/author and instructor. I believe this online gallery reveals works of art that best express the nature of transformation and healing through the powerful vehicle of art.
Here is a link: My painting which was selected by this committee is called “Another Angel Gets Its Wings”. My interpretation of a soul moving on to greater heights and the celebration of That!

I fully rest in the belief that art should inspire and move a soul deeply to the greater awareness of self. You can also check out my passionate process at Woo hoo!!!! What goes around comes around in the most magical of ways! As I want the paintings to expand and be seen in the greatest possible way, I do feel that this is a wonderful fruit to come from a tiny seed. May all of our most passionate and heartfelt creations turn into the juiciest of fruits!!!

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  1. Meenakshi says:

    Teresa, I love this painting. Please see if it’s been shared as you would like, here:

  2. Teresa says:

    Thank you….I appreciate your noticing this painting as it holds an energy of transformation and the loving spirits of that….blessings be with you forever in the one..

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