The Energy Work Palette

When working with individuals, I am aware that an activation process occurs. Energetically  a spark ignites. Once blocks (illusions) are identified and released from creative channels,  this allows for greater opportunities for energy to flow through you. I facilitate this energetic process of activation, allowing your own healing process to evolve.

A session begins with socks and shoes off and you are able to remain fully clothed on the massage table.  We will focus on a particular question or challenge that you may have and then you are able to process this question in our session through the reiki and the akashic records.

After the session, you will most likely feel very relaxed and possibly sleepy, however sometimes clients leave feeling instantly energized. It really depends on your body’s constitution and overall health needs. Give yourself some time to rest. As your session stimulates your entire body, it is important to drink plenty of water following the session to flush out any impurities and to re-hydrate your body.

Through any offering of Energy Sessions including Reiki, Akashic Record Readings, Intuitive Painting Classes, Soul Paintings, and Memorial Icons, or through any combination, we work together to bring these healing energies into your awareness, lightness of being, and transformation.

I invite you to learn more about any of these healing modalities:

Memorial Icons

Soul Paintings


Akashic Record Readings

Energy & Reiki Sessions

Intuitive painting and painting classes





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