The Dream

March 29th 2011

I was at my house and Viola showed up at my door. She had a can (what turned out to be an urn), very distinct, that I had given her. I was surprised and in awe. I began to tell the story about the ashes…Shanti’s ashes and my experience with death. The fact that my father had just died, the death of my mother, my mother-in-law, my son, my step sister, my step mom, and my brother-in-law.  As I kept telling this story, more people arrived and I was surprised.

They kept opening the door and coming in. I was explaining to them the nature of life and the simplicity of the ashes, the paintings that I do with the ashes, and where this celebration occurs each and every time a painting is done. Others (on the other side) are there to assist me in bringing the energies of love and light that represents the loved one in their highest form of energy and transformation.

With this said, it is a very sacred process, only for the chosen few who can share in this vision and its process as it works on many levels of their being.  (The being of the one who is having the painting done).  All is then ready for this to occur.

The people were overjoyed to hear this response from me and to know that their loved one is so delicately handled in love and grace with color and light.

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