Heal and Enjoy the benefits of Reiki and Energy Work

  • Release tension and stress
  • Let go of anxiety
  • Ease feelings of nausea
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Release emotional blocks and illusions
  • Ease muscle and joint discomfort
  • DNA recoding & reconnecting
  • Recuperate after surgery
  • Sustain vital life energy
  • Reconnection with higher self
  • Open heart chakra for receiving the abundance


$200. – 1 hr. session

$250.– 1 ½ hr. session

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Master Teacher of Reiki and Hands-on Healing for more than 15 years, I am aware of the amazing restorative and progressively powerful properties of this modality. As you are ready to release layers of energy that no longer serve you, work of this kind is the perfect way to gently release and revive your own energy frequency. Each time you experience energy work, you release layers of “blocked” energy, or illusions from the body. In turn, your energy fields become more and more filled with light.

Transformative process…Recuperative…Sustaining

These sessions are designed specifically for the energy needs, blockage release, and upliftment based on your own uniqueness.












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