A WORLD WITHOUT WALLS-an inward journey

Hi family and friends!  It has been a long season since I have written. Please know that you are in my heart and that distance holds no boundaries in this eternal divine web of love and light.

I thank you and I am blessed beyond measure with your generosity and kindness as I have worked energetically, socially and lovingly with you these many years.

My journey with Jon, traveling fulltime in the motorhome, has been seven years now!!  Wow, so amazing with lots of contrasting colors in this dance we call life!!  While I have seen and experienced beautiful poetic wonders of landscape, the journey of my inner landscape has become even richer and treasure laden.  On this trek of consciousness in play, I have been honored to meet a kaleidoscope of incredible and loving, generous people.   Rich and savory have been our connections and filled with joy and wonder.

So,..the wall……

This weeks turbulence has become a resonating catalyst of frequency and vibration. As such, I have given myself the gift of time and attention to go into many untapped feelings of darkness and the dwelling within of both loss and grief.  I am allowing “what is” the simplicity of my heart and its feeling nature. I am also discovering and I am being nourished by these necessary, though uncomfortable pieces of this jigsaw puzzle of a life.

As many of you know, our son Sean died quite unexpectedly when he was four as a result of a sand cave-in.  This tragedy dramatically changed our family forever.   At the same time this gift of knowing and losing him shifted my focus from the seen perspective of content and form in the world to a space which is vibrant and rich in spirituality, where there is a knowing and holding of greater purpose and design in the unseen but felt.  As many of you know, this has been expressed through my love and passion of intuitive painting and energy work for the last 20 years.

Days before Sean died he came to me and with the sweetest most innocent voice  said, “When are the walls of the house coming down mommy?”  He knew and I knew of his impending mission.  Those words spoken created a momentum to change his fleeting “in the blink of an eye” loving existence on this planet and to set me on a new course.

I am embracing these words today as I write this, as they have been echoed this week by a conversation that I had with some of my living mentors of love.

“When are the walls of the house coming down?”  These words have floated through my consciousness over and over for weeks now.

Clearly for many in this time and space, there is the lingering feeling that the walls of our home and hearth are coming down as we have known them. I am a witness to what is being perceived and I am hearing these words resonating in voice, in government, health, our livelihood, our way of being and our living in this world. Nothing it seems will ever be the same is repeated like a bell clanging to wake all after a long winters sleep.  To me, the walls of the house are coming down and now the question that arises is what choice am I going to make to move forward consciously and in freedom with my own designs, created boundaries and love story?

I realize that I have an amazing opportunity to now envision and create the world that I want to see and experience.  I can do this through the gift of my presence and my wanting and desiring more for myself, my family and my world.  This is my legacy, my inheritance and my birthright as a spark and manifestation of a loving God.

I am choosing to remember and embody this luminous nurturing world that I am a part of.  There is a foundation of love, respect, support and freedom that is inspiring me to “be” successful and to know how deep and wide and loving the “I am” substance of God is as my true design and love story. …the one beingness of source.  I am a creative unique expression manifested of this one love and so are you.  There is no separation in this…we just wear different costumes.

My desire and focus continues to awaken more and more to this truth within every playful cell and fiber of my being. Like our son Sean, who embodies the essence of  innocence, play, inquisitiveness, wisdom and a love for our all life and creature, I am choosing to live into the true, the beautiful and the good.  I am creating a new space with envisioning luminous inclusive transparent movable walls of thriving in joy, love, prosperity, artistic creations and exploration in the Beingness of I Am.

May we all envision and create through the “I Am God Presence” a world humanity, that is com passionate , kind,  loving, honest and caring.   A satisfying peaceful place that brings a smile to our faces when thought of and that we embrace in equality wholeheartedly through the light of our truth and knowing within in our authenticity.

 I am so grateful and thankful for each of you and your presence in my life.

grace and gratitude, Teresa

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