The Spring of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!!!

Spring is finally here……and with it comes the move for our co-op Uniquely Natural and many new classes. This feels like a time of such heart connection and celebration. Do you too feel like you have been on Mr. Toads Wildest Ride! Well join the crowd. I am painting like there is no tomorrow…come to think of it…there is no tomorrow …only the present moment. There is a wonderful teacher named John Kadela who is coming to facilitate Akashic Records classes Level I and II…… for all interested souls around the 1st of June. Also to be offered is a Mandala workshop. With all of the new goings on at the co-op, you will just have to check in and see what is up next.

Otro dias en paraiso!!! Another day in paradise.
“This painting is called Illuminated Self and was done for two beautiful healers in Mt. Shasta.

Back from Mexico and so Ready for 2010! Bring it on!


As I write this, I am truly in awe and amazed that so much has been accomplished this year. I am grateful to have so many dear ones to support me on this continuing journey.
I have now officially launched the memorial icons and made my work available in print form. Hallelujia!
The painting that I have posted called “Angelus Harvest” is going to be on the cover of Natural Awakenings magazine for January. She came in a vision as an angel of prosperity and abundance – it is time for all of us to reap the harvest of our labors!
My intention this year is to bring the paintings to a wider audience and continue to create from this divine place of energy and healing. You can call me if you see something you can’t live without or email me at
The co-op continues to prosper and grow. It is almost a year old and going stronger than ever. I feel blessed to be part of a team of very talented practitioners, artists and soulful people. We continue to expand and morph into our mission to make a difference in our community and in each others lives. I encourage you to click on our link and meet some of the members.
Many blessings to all of you and to all a good day….just had to say that! So in the spirit of the season I wish you a warm cozy place to light and good food and friendship.

Sacred Dance

In every experience, there is a cosmic dance… One lives to give glory and celebration through the movement of the body creation.

This painting which was done in 2003 depicts the universal oneness of energy through the heart. The dance creates a window into the heart which accesses creativity, inspiration, and the purification that lies within each individual. see the post “panorama” for more info on prints.

Who I am and What Inspires Me…And the Memorial Icon Debut!


Greetings and welcome! I am Teresa and I live in the foothills of colorful blue sky Colorado.

My journey with art has been about the bridging of spirituality with the power, passion and vibrancy of color. Over the last 20 years, I apprenticed with a world reknown Hungarian visionary artist and learned the alchemy of Renaissance painting. This process has opened many doors and allowed me to create luminous, radiant color. My work has allowed me to paint with my heart and soul, and to help others discover their divine nature within.

Over these many years, I have been led into working with transformative energies having to do with rebirth, celebration and afterlife experiences. I paint specifically on a prepared wood surface. My inspiration comes from an interior silence that flows bringing on all the wonders of magical, mystical, and the angelic.

An interior direction has led me to create a form called the ” Memorial Icon” to celebrate and honor a loved ones’ life after they have passed on.

I invite you to join me in this healing process to honour their spirit. I use a very extraordinary Renaissance process, adding your loved ones’ cremation ashes and exquisitely blended essential oils to the work . Your painting is then created as a remembrance of your loved ones’ spirit which can be honored, celebrated, and passed on from generation to generation.

Thank you for stopping by… enjoy these images in the joyful heart, gratitude and light that they were painted in and I welcome the opportunity to help you to create a sacred space for yourself, beloved person or your companion animal.

I have my paintings in many healing venues throughout the world. For more info. you can contact me at and see further work at