Veiled Oil & Private Classes

Illuminations: The Sacred Alchemy of Oil Glazing—Interested in taking on apprentices

Learn the Old Masters’ technique of oil glazing, a unique process tht creates a luminous finish on a prepared wooden surface. You will begin by mindfully preparing your painting surface, including sanding and gessoing your board. Then you will learn how to mix your own glazes or paints from an emulsion of egg, oils, water, and powdered pigments. Using the hand-made, real pigment glazes, Teresa explains how to layer the glazes to build the translucent colors into a luminously finished painting. Teresa will inspire you to explore the spirituality, passion , and vision of the creative process behind each piece, creating depth and dimension. The class is designed for participants to complete two paintings. All levels of creativity welcome—beginners to professionals.

Call for class availability and fees. 719-480-5261

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