Join Intuitive Healer and Visionary Artist, Teresa Dunwell in your journey to healing, creative self expression, and artistic awakening.  Thank you for also taking the time to look at her gallery of inspirational and colorful vibrant “veiled oil” paintings.  Perhaps there is a sacred space in your home or office that calls out for one of these works of art?


I welcome you and I’m honored by the opportunity to help you re-connect and evolve in your journey through art and energy work.  I enjoy facilitating and teaching meditation, Reiki,  Akashic records, art programs and creative awakening programs designed specifically for your goals.  I look forward to also accompanying your energy work with your own personal Tarot card in the form of a soul painting.

My heart-felt intention is to help you find your true creative spark, your Divine essence.  I assist you in uncovering and removing blocks that have held you back from living your Divine moment each and every day.  I am committed to living my life’s purpose and helping you do the same… to re-connect with yourself—grow and thrive as you are meant to in a fully abundant and rich life. —Teresa Dunwell


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