Join Intuitive Healer and Visionary Artist, Teresa Dunwell in your journey to healing, creative self expression, and artistic awakening.

Engage in your own healing process with Akashic Record and Energetic Reiki healing sessions, connect with and celebrate your own personal Tarot card with a commissioned Soul Painting, experience your own creative awakening and take an intuitive painting class facilitated by Teresa Dunwell.

I welcome you and I’m honored by the opportunity to help you re-connect and evolve in your journey through art and energy work.  I enjoy also facilitating and teaching meditation, Reiki,  Akashic records, art programs and creative awakening programs designed specifically for your goals.

My heart-felt intention is to help you find your true creative spark, your Divine essence.  I assist you in uncovering and removing blocks that have held you back from living your Divine moment each and every day.  I am committed to living my life’s purpose and helping you do the same… to re-connect with yourself—grow and thrive as you are meant to in a fully abundant and rich life. —Teresa Dunwell

Teresa was drawn to the Akashic Records after 25 years of connecting with Spirit while painting Memorial Icons, Soul Paintings, and Spiritual Landscapes. When conveying vibrations and soul frequency of her subjects in this process, she became aware of the multidimensional ways of seeing and being in the world. Messages were clearly being channeled through the many different veiled layers of the paintings.

As the images were speaking to the greater need to assist others in their process of awareness, Teresa was guided to gain further knowledge about the Akashic Record process and is now a level III Akashic Record reader. Through her guidance she was led to facilitate and help others.

As I did this for myself, I wanted to help others in this way. —Teresa Dunwell

Teresa facilitates Akashic Record Readings by witnessing and acknowledging illusions and facilitating their process of release.

We have a tremendous opportunity on the planet at this time to become aware of, release, and recognize illusions that veil us from our true Divine nature. —Teresa Dunwell

At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person.  Each one of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us. —Albert Schweitzer, humanitarian, Nobel Prize winner

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