An Incredible Opportunity to Stir Your Painters Soul!!

Have you ever wanted to paint in the zone?! Have you felt that your paintings and subject matter have become uninspiring? Do you lack that next step to take you outside the “ creative box”? If you answered yes to any of these questions then do I have the class for you. This class is brought to you by the angels…no kidding!!! I have been given a grace filled opportunity to teach with a master painter and soul friend, Gary Markowitz. In orchestrating this, the angels have created a remarkable intuitive painting program guided by myself and Gary over an October weekend in beautiful Boulder Colorado. I can say with all of my heart that I have felt this bursting light to help others to develop their inner psychic guide and become aware of their luminous sparkle, their creative edge, their divine light! This is one not to be missed if you are hungering for more awareness and intuition in your artistic process…. you can go to the website for more info

Sometimes for me the starting of a painting is the a strong challenge. Egads!!! I already have scared myself out of painting before I even get started. True for you too! Have heart. As in life it only takes going to the next step. Just dip the brush in your paint and begin. Have faith. Know that like life, this too is just the process and if you get caught up in trying to figure out the end result, then the magic might get lost. Sometimes it’s more important to not know and trust…..breathe, call on your guides, angels, beings of love who have always been with you and take the leap. Remember it’s only that next brushstroke, and the next, and the next….and the n e x t.

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