The spirit of Hearth and Home painted

the essence of a Floridian bungalow

dusk serenity in Maine

midnite magic in Colorado

Painterly energies and impressions of your home’s “essence”!

This becomes a unique and loving reminder of the special qualities of your home, painted in acrylic, watercolor and colored pencil on canvas or watercolor paper.

How do you begin this co-creation? We have a chat on the phone to connect, and you can share with me your feelings and impressions about your home. We decide on price and size specifics. You email me photos of your property.
I paint the essence of the house and the specialness that you have conveyed to me. You receive, hang and enjoy! A wonderful gift too!

A Guiding Hand

giving me a hand

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…   A moment of weakness (we all have them)..yes?  There is a self-deprecating thought that rolls through and is sticky like molasses on a hot and humid day.  “So I am no Picasso, Matisse or Michaelangelo.”

 I muse….unsatisfyingly and prepare to paint.

 There is no measuring up or comparison to these great Masters and yet the doubt in my self makes its timely arrival once again.

 I pick up my brush and offer to be an open vessel for Spirit.   The painting begins to flow….the valley, the hills, feeling the freedom of just painting for the joy in it.  Music is playing as my brush moves across the paper and suddenly a hand is revealed…that great aha…… then a line becomes the brush and the landscape becomes the palette.   All of this under my watchful gaze has taken form quite to my surprise.

  As the hand appears,  I am reminded, once again,  that there is a mysterious, incredibly beautiful guiding force.  Something that breathes life into everything and gives each of us a “hand up” in life.  This guidance helps us to re-member that it is our soul’s purpose and greatest delight to find our authentic voice and there is  mystery in that so deep and so profound that our consciousness has a hard time excepting this formidable truth.

and so……I shall create for the joy, the love, the freedom in each moment and know that by living my joy and my passion, my path will be made clear and I will be guided by that loving mysterious hand.

.  I am not Picasso or Michaelangelo…I am Teresa.

A big universal hug!


let us all consider giving a certain someone including the Universe a nice big hug!

Have you ever received a hug so grand that you felt loved by the whole of the universe?    I have a dear friend who offered this to me in a moment of not knowing what the heck I was up to and belaboring my decision to take this next giant step and move!  She came over on this particular morning  just to give me a hug.  She did not know that at that particular moment,  that is what I needed the most.  Through that hug, I have to say, I felt embraced with an instinct that no matter what, in every cell of my being I was cared for and that all was perfect in the chaos.

The universe holds those hugs for all of us in each moment of everyday…..  are we open to receiving them and do you know how powerful a hug straight from the heart can make someones’ day!  She did that for me….and I am grateful to you huggers’ in the world!  As we celebrate International Peace Day on Sunday and the People’s  Climate March in NY ( the largest climate march in history!)  ….let us all consider giving a certain someone including the Universe a nice big hug!

The deepening stillness

The Morning Path

On this breezy September morn in Crestone Colorado

With every step that I take on this new path, I am steeped in the awareness of this infinite connection with everything and everyone.  This morning I am reminded that this connection feels like a painting that I did over 15 years ago named the Hologram of Love  or at times referred to as the Flower of Life.  As I walked I could feel myself shifting my awareness back and forth within the Flower of Life image.  The sounds of nature, the birds, wind, the gravel underfoot became color, the deafening welcome stillness in my spirit became the web of light that makes up  the painting.  This 6000 year old symbol was first discovered in Abydos Egypt.   The Flower of Life  is carved with laser-like accuracy on huge granite blocks in the temple walls and even through modern methods we are not able to replicate the delicateness of this pattern  today.  The temple was a subterreanean complex dedicated to Osiris, the god of the Afterlife, symbolizing death and regeneration.  

I am feeling inspired to paint from within this image!  Stay tuned!!!

The Hologram of Love…..available in print at

He’s a Soul Man!

He's got soul!

He’s got soul!

For those of you old enough to remember it,  this title is taken from a really cool song done by Sam & Dave called “Soul Man” .  It has a very upbeat 70’s tempo and full of syncopated surprises.  You can even hear the trumpets and horns proclaiming the “coolness of motown”.


This post is dedicated to the “cool” in a great being of light named Marty who allowed me to photo him with his new painting.   Marty and I began doing some Akashic energy work together and it led to this dynamic representational soul painting of his powerful energy.  Each painting that I do  is so unique to the individual.   Like an energetic tarot card it resonates with the vibration and frequency of  ancient energies as well as working with the soul in its transformation process.  The paintings have been described as portals that can assist others in re-membering their divine purpose and awakening them to their talents and abilities.

“Sessions with Teresa ushered me into a wonderful, new phase of my life, which culminated in this incredible painting.”

I have a feeling that it will take lifetimes for some of these paintings in soul to express their true content.   Of course, it gives me such great pleasure to serve others in this form, combining the “veiled oil” painting and the energy work.   I am just the channel for whatever colors or designs wish to come through as I believe from the minute the patron decides to have their painting done, the energy begins to percolate.




Creative spirit in the florida breeze

florida ala great memories 010One truly knows they are in relaxation mode when the painting journal is resurrected and there is both the time and the creative energy to paint to my hearts content!  Fort Meyers Florida is an amazing place of strong gulf coast breezes and radiant sunsets to fill the heart and the soul.  Jon and I encountered many angels along the way, specifically in our dear longtime friends, Steve and Maggie. They are so very gracious!

This being said………….

I just might have to succumb to the snowbird magic and take up part time residence to explore and paint. In Florida,  the colors are radiant bursts of light in form  and vibrate with the songs of the many birds that Jon and I had the privilege of viewing in their natural homeland waters.  There were a plethora of pelicans, cranes and my very favorite blue herons.  The tree aviarys on the water (cannot for the life of me remember their actual name)  are vibrant with spots of color in the shape of many feathered friends.    We also were blessed to see manatees, dolphins and to my delight… no gators, even though I saw many alligator and turtle crossings.

This small watercolor painting, from my journal was done in front of Steve and Maggies house, where daily they wake to an incredible view of the Collusahatchee River from their front porch!   Palm trees, long walks, and the sound of water lapping against the docks rocked my soul deeper and deeper into the quiet of what a vacation can truly be when you have no agenda and no serious timelines to be on the go.  This was a magical, creative, spiritual experience of healing and joy.  I am grateful to this Divine oneness that holds all of us within this silence.  No doubt about it….we will return to this tropical haven.

Enlightening the Soul Painting Process

I am so tickled as I have just completed an intuitive soul painting for a gifted angel reader named Meggin. Meggin’s mother Linda died over 2 years ago and through Meggins grieving process she requested to have a soul painting done of her mother. I worked with a picture of her mom as a 7 year old, as her mother was very playful and childlike. I was able to immediately connect with the strong bond of love and celebration between Meggin and her mother. Images began forming and there was a strong feeling that the painting would create an open door for Meggin to work with her mom on a more energetic and intimate level on her journey. The energies beautifully harmonized with Meggin and her mom and Meggins true gifts of healing and “inner sight” came forth in the painting. The end result is always a wonderful surprise as to how the loved ones spirit shows up to play and dance in the work. I am filled with gratitude and humility as Meggin has told me that she could feel her mom’s presence and her own in a piece that will grace her sacred space at home and be a loving reminder of her gentle spirit guiding her way. No doubt about it…..I love serving spirit in this way!

…..As curator of the Gallery of Enlightenment at CHHC!

The remarkable element of spirit is….wait for it……………. you put something out there and watch and feel what happens!!!

I have always held a vision of bringing many different artists together to display transformational and soulful work. This is the case with the gallery that I am now a curator of at Community Holistic Health Center in Lafayette Colorado. Truth is, this is not any little “ol” gallery. This gallery is filled with incredible art, straight from the heart.

Each piece in the gallery, including those of yours truly, is hand picked in an incredible process through word of mouth and also yes indeed the web and craigs list!!! I look for art and artists that speak to my soul, that are resonating to the frequencies and the devotion of spirit in our evolving process of awakening.

I frankly, am passionate about the idea of a gallery that enriches, transforms and empowers people to develop their psychic awareness. With that being said, CHHC currently has 16 artists on board who represent a unique facet of artand who are allowing us to expand our vision, our delight and sense of wonder. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I encourage all of you to drop by CHHC, 409 S. Public Rd. in Lafayette and check out our gallery and see what I mean.

Our next art night out is Sept. 21st from 6-9pm. I feel that you too will be enriched by your experience and maybe find a piece of art that speaks volumes to you and that resonates with your soul! Ps. Community Holistic Health Center is non profit community based on Sacred Commerce. We have wonderful practitioners, classes, and meditations to also attend to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We are open Tues. -Sat. from 10-6pm

An Incredible Opportunity to Stir Your Painters Soul!!

Have you ever wanted to paint in the zone?! Have you felt that your paintings and subject matter have become uninspiring? Do you lack that next step to take you outside the “ creative box”? If you answered yes to any of these questions then do I have the class for you. This class is brought to you by the angels…no kidding!!! I have been given a grace filled opportunity to teach with a master painter and soul friend, Gary Markowitz. In orchestrating this, the angels have created a remarkable intuitive painting program guided by myself and Gary over an October weekend in beautiful Boulder Colorado. I can say with all of my heart that I have felt this bursting light to help others to develop their inner psychic guide and become aware of their luminous sparkle, their creative edge, their divine light! This is one not to be missed if you are hungering for more awareness and intuition in your artistic process…. you can go to the website for more info

Sometimes for me the starting of a painting is the a strong challenge. Egads!!! I already have scared myself out of painting before I even get started. True for you too! Have heart. As in life it only takes going to the next step. Just dip the brush in your paint and begin. Have faith. Know that like life, this too is just the process and if you get caught up in trying to figure out the end result, then the magic might get lost. Sometimes it’s more important to not know and trust…..breathe, call on your guides, angels, beings of love who have always been with you and take the leap. Remember it’s only that next brushstroke, and the next, and the next….and the n e x t.

Ancient Callings


Ancient Callings is a lesson is humility.  More and more I find that I must surrender to a greater knowing when I am called to paint.  This was the case with this painting.  The process required a deep listening of my known landscape to reach out and touch the ancient, sacred calling in a Divine ceremony of renewal and transformation.