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spirited sonTeresa Dunwell paints from a place of deep, integrated wisdom and compassion. Her connection to Spirit and love is evident in her work as an artist and visionary. The Memorial Icon is the culmination of her deep understanding of loss, death, and the ability to transcend through connection with the Divine. Her deep reverence for life and connection to Spirit is guided and magnified in every stroke, creating a lasting memorial to those we loved in life and honor in Spirit. —Deborah Keys

Teresa Mike2-1I’ve been familiar with Teresa’s beautiful work for over 10 years, and have seen the vision, Spirit, and energy she puts into each and every painting. So when my son passed away recently, I could think of no better way to honor him and his beautiful Spirit than with a painting by Teresa, made with some of his ashes. It is a beautiful representation of my son, and when I see it, I think of him and feel his energy every day when I walk into my home—Becky Chappell

Teresa Dunwell’s paintings are images of living, spiritual, archetypal energies than invoke grace, wholeness, and healing. The paintings invoke a sacred bodily response from the viewer, in which the heart and mind blend the visual image into a mandala of forgiveness, acceptance, and joy. It is as if soul speaks to soul, and the Spirit dances in response.

I have one of Teresa’s paintings in my private sanctuary. It hangs just to the right of my altar. It is a joy to behold. Wonderful aspects of my soul seem to spring forth in greater wholeness and self-acceptance and my whole being comes into the center of peace and repose. —Bishop Althira Romas

Testimonials for Memorial Icon                             

Jeremiah’s Memorial Icon  

Our sweet son passed away and I have a shrine for him in our home.  I heard about Teresa through friends who had also commissioned her to paint soul paintings for them.

The entire process was beyond comforting and she emailed us thru the process.  We just received the painting and are completely in awe of it.  We also chose to have his ashes painted into the pigment. We feel like our Jeremiah is with us in spirit every time we walk past his shrine.  Thank you Teresa for such a loving experience.  She really got our son, and it fit him exactly.

Carol and Brian Namatame

Shannon’s Memorial Icon

Shannon's MemorialThis piece of art is so much more than “art itself”.  This for me is a “peace that passes all understanding” in “Art Form”  None of  us understand why our loved one had to leave us so soon.  Having part of Shannon, my daughter in this painting is so special and very personal.

In the daylight, you can see birds flying and children holding up a spiritual being.  The colors are so joyful and peaceful.  There are so many figures in this memorial, each time you enjoy the painting you can find more.  At night, the yellow in this painting becomes a white glow and you can see many angels and spirits young and old dancing.  You can also see fairies with swords like they are protecting her.

Shannon was taken from us fourteen years ago.  Although nothing will ever erase the burn in my heart, I enjoy feeling that part of Shannon’s new life is expressed in this painting.  Thank you Teresa.—Vickie

Testimonial for Soul Painting

art and inspiration 001My Soul Painting by Teresa Dunwell was completed in June 2010.  I talked with her several months before about her doing a painting for me that would represent me and be an inspiration.  The process took up to 3 months because of the different layers of painting that Teresa does.  She taps into the energy of a person and uses the impressions and expresses them onto the canvas.  When the painting was finished, Teresa described the different aspects of it to me.  There were some things that were still unknown that she didn’t know about herself and said to me that I would discover it on my own.

Three months after the painting’s completion, I found out more about the unknown aspects of the painting and saw something that I had not seen before in the painting.  My Soul Painting is like having symbols and images indicating my soul’s journey through many lives and my current life.  This painting is very grounding for me and represents my purpose.  Teresa was gracious enough to allow me to use the image of my painting on my business cards and brochures.

With Teresa’s ability to express the energetic impressions in her artwork, her talent is very special.  You are always looking at her work, where you discover different things in it all the time.  Her work is multidimensional and very captivating.  Teresa truly captures the essence of your soul’s imprint in the Soul Portrait.—Jill B., Lafayette, CO

He's got soul!

  He’s a soul man……

For those of you old enough to remember it,  this title is taken from a really cool song done by Sam & Dave called “Soul Man” .  It has a very upbeat 70’s tempo and full of syncopated surprises.  You can even hear the trumpets and horns proclaiming the “coolness of motown”.

This is dedicated to the “cool” in a great being of light named Marty who allowed me to photo him with his new painting.   Marty and I began doing some Akashic energy work together and it led to this dynamic representational soul painting of his powerful energy.  Each painting that I do  is so unique to the individual.   Like an energetic tarot card it resonates with the vibration and frequency of  ancient energies as well as working with the soul in its transformation process.  The paintings have been described as portals that can assist others in re-membering their divine purpose and awaken them to their talents and abilities.

“Sessions with Teresa ushered me into a wonderful, new phase of my life, which culminated in this incredible painting.”

” I have a feeling that it will take lifetimes for some of these paintings in soul to express their true content.   Of course, it gives me such great pleasure to serve others in this form, combining the “veiled oil” painting and the energy work.   I am just the channel for whatever colors or designs wish to come through as I believe from the minute the patron decides to have their painting done, the energy begins to percolate.  Thank you Marty for the opportunity to express your souls essence!”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojxYk97WRgs&w=560&h=315]

“Teresa’s “essence” painting of our home is one of our most treasured belongings. When a hurricane forced our evacuation a few years ago, we loaded up important papers and her artwork, leaving our place behind secure in the comfort that we at least would have a beautiful lasting memory of our beloved home. Fortunately, it still stands, and we daily enjoy the beauty of her rendering. It’s comforting to us that one day when we and the house may be gone, the old family place will live on through Teresa’s inspired talent.” Steve Funnell

Teresa captured the spirit and soul of our new cabin in the painting she did for us this year. We sent photos and had long talks about the cabin, the lake, the light, the Loons and the land – what we hoped for in a painting to capture the beauty of setting and the love we have for this special place of ours. We were delighted with the outcome. Seeing it for the first time brought tears to my eyes – SHE GOT IT! She somehow painted not only the cabin but the feeling of the place.

Thank you so much Teresa!!!

Mary and Frank – Cape Coral Florida

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