The Spring of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!!!

Spring is finally here……and with it comes the move for our co-op Uniquely Natural and many new classes. This feels like a time of such heart connection and celebration. Do you too feel like you have been on Mr. Toads Wildest Ride! Well join the crowd. I am painting like there is no tomorrow…come to think of it…there is no tomorrow …only the present moment. There is a wonderful teacher named John Kadela who is coming to facilitate Akashic Records classes Level I and II…… for all interested souls around the 1st of June. Also to be offered is a Mandala workshop. With all of the new goings on at the co-op, you will just have to check in and see what is up next.

Otro dias en paraiso!!! Another day in paradise.
“This painting is called Illuminated Self and was done for two beautiful healers in Mt. Shasta.
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