Dragons, dragons everywhere…bringing in new energies of expansion and wisdom!

Have you ever entertained the notion of having your own guardian dragon? This has been an artistic focus of mine for over 2 years now in painting dragons for individuals, each as unique as the person commissioning them. This magical and quite joyful process has deepened my connection with others and with their multidimensional realities. To understand dragon speak is to intuitively play in the dragons world of magic and possibility…..to be innocent, free and to explore realms and dimensions of growth and transformation together. This is dragon #13. A very heartfelt, embracing energy of going within to empower others to live their best lives. There is great wonder and magic afoot with this dragon! (shown with the owners permission) Enjoy! You can find out more about this delightful process by going to my website at Soul Paintings…remembering your magnificence – Living Works Studio

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