Stepping outside the Valentines box for a real treat!

Come and See what’s on your blank canvas?????

what's on your  canvas?Dear friends visioneers and imagineers!    I am thrilled to announce that I am offering a soul painting and reading through Living this February 14th for only $40.  I can think of no better way for celebrating and honoring your amazing self by checking out this offer!  I love the idea of new and old faces knocking at my door at Community Holistic Health Center as this is such a time of great expansion and clarity.  Come play in the colors with me as I create your special visible reminder of your loving spirit!!!!

This could be as good as chocolate haha!

Celebrate the Healing Power of Art!

Several of my Soul Paintings have been highlighted on the Manhattan Arts International blog and I’m excited to share it with you! The purpose of “Celebrate The Healing Power of ART” is to promote Art and its vital importance to healing individuals and the planet. Earlier this year my veiled oil painting, “Another Angel Gets Its Wings” was juried into Manhattan Arts International Celebrate the Healing Power of Art Online exhibition

Mine was one of 44 works chosen by the jurors from more than 800 Entries! I am so grateful to be part of the amazing gallery and have the opportunity to share healing art.

When I let go into the process of painting and engaging in this Renaissance glaze technique (veiled oil), I feel that I’m entertaining the fullness of creative self-awareness. I’m expressing enlightenment in my response to the world, holding sacred space so that awareness can be shared with others. What a perfect venue to do this.

I am also very much inspired to host classes for those who want to deepen their painting and touch inside themselves the Spirit within by reflecting that on to canvas. I enjoy and am honored to engage in this special process with students to achieve not only an amazing piece of work, but a clearer understanding and closer relationship to the Universe through these programs.

If you have the desire to fulfill a piece of you that has been waiting to be acknowledged, call me to find out about my painting classes 720-333-6306. Also visit:

What part of you needs to be acknowledged?

Enlightening the Soul Painting Process

I am so tickled as I have just completed an intuitive soul painting for a gifted angel reader named Meggin. Meggin’s mother Linda died over 2 years ago and through Meggins grieving process she requested to have a soul painting done of her mother. I worked with a picture of her mom as a 7 year old, as her mother was very playful and childlike. I was able to immediately connect with the strong bond of love and celebration between Meggin and her mother. Images began forming and there was a strong feeling that the painting would create an open door for Meggin to work with her mom on a more energetic and intimate level on her journey. The energies beautifully harmonized with Meggin and her mom and Meggins true gifts of healing and “inner sight” came forth in the painting. The end result is always a wonderful surprise as to how the loved ones spirit shows up to play and dance in the work. I am filled with gratitude and humility as Meggin has told me that she could feel her mom’s presence and her own in a piece that will grace her sacred space at home and be a loving reminder of her gentle spirit guiding her way. No doubt about it…..I love serving spirit in this way!

…..As curator of the Gallery of Enlightenment at CHHC!

The remarkable element of spirit is….wait for it……………. you put something out there and watch and feel what happens!!!

I have always held a vision of bringing many different artists together to display transformational and soulful work. This is the case with the gallery that I am now a curator of at Community Holistic Health Center in Lafayette Colorado. Truth is, this is not any little “ol” gallery. This gallery is filled with incredible art, straight from the heart.

Each piece in the gallery, including those of yours truly, is hand picked in an incredible process through word of mouth and also yes indeed the web and craigs list!!! I look for art and artists that speak to my soul, that are resonating to the frequencies and the devotion of spirit in our evolving process of awakening.

I frankly, am passionate about the idea of a gallery that enriches, transforms and empowers people to develop their psychic awareness. With that being said, CHHC currently has 16 artists on board who represent a unique facet of artand who are allowing us to expand our vision, our delight and sense of wonder. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I encourage all of you to drop by CHHC, 409 S. Public Rd. in Lafayette and check out our gallery and see what I mean.

Our next art night out is Sept. 21st from 6-9pm. I feel that you too will be enriched by your experience and maybe find a piece of art that speaks volumes to you and that resonates with your soul! Ps. Community Holistic Health Center is non profit community based on Sacred Commerce. We have wonderful practitioners, classes, and meditations to also attend to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We are open Tues. -Sat. from 10-6pm

An Incredible Opportunity to Stir Your Painters Soul!!

Have you ever wanted to paint in the zone?! Have you felt that your paintings and subject matter have become uninspiring? Do you lack that next step to take you outside the “ creative box”? If you answered yes to any of these questions then do I have the class for you. This class is brought to you by the angels…no kidding!!! I have been given a grace filled opportunity to teach with a master painter and soul friend, Gary Markowitz. In orchestrating this, the angels have created a remarkable intuitive painting program guided by myself and Gary over an October weekend in beautiful Boulder Colorado. I can say with all of my heart that I have felt this bursting light to help others to develop their inner psychic guide and become aware of their luminous sparkle, their creative edge, their divine light! This is one not to be missed if you are hungering for more awareness and intuition in your artistic process…. you can go to the website for more info

Sometimes for me the starting of a painting is the a strong challenge. Egads!!! I already have scared myself out of painting before I even get started. True for you too! Have heart. As in life it only takes going to the next step. Just dip the brush in your paint and begin. Have faith. Know that like life, this too is just the process and if you get caught up in trying to figure out the end result, then the magic might get lost. Sometimes it’s more important to not know and trust…..breathe, call on your guides, angels, beings of love who have always been with you and take the leap. Remember it’s only that next brushstroke, and the next, and the next….and the n e x t.

Ancient Callings


Ancient Callings is a lesson is humility.  More and more I find that I must surrender to a greater knowing when I am called to paint.  This was the case with this painting.  The process required a deep listening of my known landscape to reach out and touch the ancient, sacred calling in a Divine ceremony of renewal and transformation.

The Juicy Fruits of Life!!!

It is still amazing to me how these seemingly small connections in life are the seeds of amazing and fruitful future encounters! In 2010, I became a founding member of a website that memoralizes, through art , a loved one who has died. The website is called Bereavement Artists- The idea and brainchild of this was formed and created by myself and two beautiful healing artists, Gina Klawitter and Anita Larson of Denver Colorado.
This was something that we are passionate about and still continues to this day under the leadership of Gina and Anita. As a result of this work the three of us were noticed by Renee Phillips, a successful Artrepreneur Coach of Manhattan Arts International in Manhattan New York. Our mission to help others cope in their bereavement process through memorializing a loved one through art was one of many that were featured in her book “Artists Who Inspire”.
I have since moved on from the Bereavement Art Group but it is still going strong. . If you want to memorialize a loved one with art in painting, jewelry, ceramics, collage etc. this is a jewel of a resource to go to. I am proud to say that I helped in hand picking these beautiful talented souls for this process. More juicy fruit……….as of today, I have been selected one of 44 throughout the country to be a featured online gallery artist for the month of May-June in Manhattan Arts International, Celebrate the Healing Power of Art.
This was a juried competition offered by the one and same Renee Phillips, director of Arts International, , as well as Edward Rubin, New York based arts writer and curator, and Nancy Reyner, artist/author and instructor. I believe this online gallery reveals works of art that best express the nature of transformation and healing through the powerful vehicle of art.
Here is a link: My painting which was selected by this committee is called “Another Angel Gets Its Wings”. My interpretation of a soul moving on to greater heights and the celebration of That!

I fully rest in the belief that art should inspire and move a soul deeply to the greater awareness of self. You can also check out my passionate process at Woo hoo!!!! What goes around comes around in the most magical of ways! As I want the paintings to expand and be seen in the greatest possible way, I do feel that this is a wonderful fruit to come from a tiny seed. May all of our most passionate and heartfelt creations turn into the juiciest of fruits!!!

The Spring of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride!!!

Spring is finally here……and with it comes the move for our co-op Uniquely Natural and many new classes. This feels like a time of such heart connection and celebration. Do you too feel like you have been on Mr. Toads Wildest Ride! Well join the crowd. I am painting like there is no tomorrow…come to think of it…there is no tomorrow …only the present moment. There is a wonderful teacher named John Kadela who is coming to facilitate Akashic Records classes Level I and II…… for all interested souls around the 1st of June. Also to be offered is a Mandala workshop. With all of the new goings on at the co-op, you will just have to check in and see what is up next.

Otro dias en paraiso!!! Another day in paradise.
“This painting is called Illuminated Self and was done for two beautiful healers in Mt. Shasta.

Back from Mexico and so Ready for 2010! Bring it on!


As I write this, I am truly in awe and amazed that so much has been accomplished this year. I am grateful to have so many dear ones to support me on this continuing journey.
I have now officially launched the memorial icons and made my work available in print form. Hallelujia!
The painting that I have posted called “Angelus Harvest” is going to be on the cover of Natural Awakenings magazine for January. She came in a vision as an angel of prosperity and abundance – it is time for all of us to reap the harvest of our labors!
My intention this year is to bring the paintings to a wider audience and continue to create from this divine place of energy and healing. You can call me if you see something you can’t live without or email me at
The co-op continues to prosper and grow. It is almost a year old and going stronger than ever. I feel blessed to be part of a team of very talented practitioners, artists and soulful people. We continue to expand and morph into our mission to make a difference in our community and in each others lives. I encourage you to click on our link and meet some of the members.
Many blessings to all of you and to all a good day….just had to say that! So in the spirit of the season I wish you a warm cozy place to light and good food and friendship.

Sacred Dance

In every experience, there is a cosmic dance… One lives to give glory and celebration through the movement of the body creation.

This painting which was done in 2003 depicts the universal oneness of energy through the heart. The dance creates a window into the heart which accesses creativity, inspiration, and the purification that lies within each individual. see the post “panorama” for more info on prints.