…..As curator of the Gallery of Enlightenment at CHHC!

The remarkable element of spirit is….wait for it……………. you put something out there and watch and feel what happens!!!

I have always held a vision of bringing many different artists together to display transformational and soulful work. This is the case with the gallery that I am now a curator of at Community Holistic Health Center in Lafayette Colorado. Truth is, this is not any little “ol” gallery. This gallery is filled with incredible art, straight from the heart.

Each piece in the gallery, including those of yours truly, is hand picked in an incredible process through word of mouth and also yes indeed the web and craigs list!!! I look for art and artists that speak to my soul, that are resonating to the frequencies and the devotion of spirit in our evolving process of awakening.

I frankly, am passionate about the idea of a gallery that enriches, transforms and empowers people to develop their psychic awareness. With that being said, CHHC currently has 16 artists on board who represent a unique facet of artand who are allowing us to expand our vision, our delight and sense of wonder. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I encourage all of you to drop by CHHC, 409 S. Public Rd. in Lafayette and check out our gallery and see what I mean.

Our next art night out is Sept. 21st from 6-9pm. I feel that you too will be enriched by your experience and maybe find a piece of art that speaks volumes to you and that resonates with your soul! Ps. Community Holistic Health Center is non profit community based on Sacred Commerce. We have wonderful practitioners, classes, and meditations to also attend to your physical, mental, and spiritual needs. We are open Tues. -Sat. from 10-6pm www.communityhhc.org

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