A big universal hug!


let us all consider giving a certain someone including the Universe a nice big hug!  http://peoplesclimate.org/march/

Have you ever received a hug so grand that you felt loved by the whole of the universe?    I have a dear friend who offered this to me in a moment of not knowing what the heck I was up to and belaboring my decision to take this next giant step and move!  She came over on this particular morning  just to give me a hug.  She did not know that at that particular moment,  that is what I needed the most.  Through that hug, I have to say, I felt embraced with an instinct that no matter what, in every cell of my being I was cared for and that all was perfect in the chaos.

The universe holds those hugs for all of us in each moment of everyday…..  are we open to receiving them and do you know how powerful a hug straight from the heart can make someones’ day!  She did that for me….and I am grateful to you huggers’ in the world!  As we celebrate International Peace Day on Sunday and the People’s  Climate March in NY ( the largest climate march in history!)  ….let us all consider giving a certain someone including the Universe a nice big hug!  http://peoplesclimate.org/march/

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2 Responses to A big universal hug!

  1. Rick Minogue says:

    Hi Theresa!

    Our family was a Christmas recipient of your beautiful, sensitive, and intuitive paintings. During a quiet moment today, I studied the one you did for me and then read what you channeled. It’s wonderful, as are each of the others.

    Enjoy your adventures, and many thanks for your good work.

    Best regards and much love,

    Rick M

  2. Teresa says:

    Thank you so very much Rick for your kind comments. I feel blessed to have done them for your family and I am very happy that it spoke of your essence. You are very welcome. Love and light to all of you! teresa

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