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Celebrate your oneness with the world with today's offer from Living Works Studio
• $200. for a reading and a 8x10 soul painting plus $10.00 phdlg.
• email me at teresadunwell92@gmail.com or call 720-333-6306

Beloved ones, the journey into the painting of your Sacred Signature is one that enables you to understand the vast immensity of what exists within you. The journey as an initiate into this universe within self will reveal to you vital aspects that not only enhance
your concept of self, but also enhance the quality of your personal journey.

. I have become aware that these created soul paintings of your sacred signature bring special medicine to you as the receiver. So many times we forget how radiant and beautiful that we are as spirit and these channeled paintings are able to look within those dimensions of wholeness and healing potential. The painting is a call and remembrance to your inter-dimensional nature that has always existed and can help you to recognize your vibrant and radiant energy body. You can click on Akashic Records for more info.

Is there a challenging problem or a continuing feeling of woundedness that you are working with or does the healing and remembrance have to do with your self worth? Are you choosing to remember the amazing spirit that you are?! These are all issues that this energetic painting of your soul can address in visually helping you to access your life source- force and celebrate your Divine nature in the clarity and intention of your divine purpose.

I am asking that those who would like to participate in this grand integration of spirit to email me with a recent picture of yourself at teresadunwell92@gmail.com . Please include your full name and complete address. The painting will be an 8x10 watercolor and colored pencil on canvas.

Together in peace and love we will accelerate and integrate these blessed energies that are flowing in us on the planet. I look forward to creating this song of your soul and the vibrancy of your heart to celebrate YOU !!

Teresa Dunwell has studied with artists and spiritual guides on three continents, and
She will use the entirety of her knowledge to unlock the secrets of your soul and capture
them in watercolor and colored pencil. These beautiful works make great gifts, and they are
excellent markers of transitional occasions -- like birthdays, anniversaries, new children,
or life-changing moments.
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