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Soul Paintings • $200. for a reading and a 8x10 soul painting plus $10.00 phdlg.
• email me at teresadunwell92@gmail.com or call 720-333-6306

House Essence paintings...$200. - $800. more info is located below and you can see happy home paintings, when you click on "blog'
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***"Teresa's "essence" painting of our home is one of our most treasured belongings. When a hurricane forced our evacuation a few years ago, we loaded up important papers and her artwork, leaving our place behind secure in the comfort that we at least would have a beautiful lasting memory of our beloved home. Fortunately, it still stands, and we daily enjoy the beauty of her rendering. It's comforting to us that one day when we and the house may be gone, the old family place will live on through Teresa's inspired talent." Steve Funnell

***Teresa captured the spirit and soul of our new cabin in the painting she did for us this year. We sent photos and had long talks about the cabin, the lake, the light, the Loons and the land - what we hoped for in a painting to capture the beauty of setting and the love we have for this special place of ours. We were delighted with the outcome. Seeing it for the first time brought tears to my eyes –
SHE GOT IT! She somehow painted not only the cabin but the feeling of the place.

Thank you so much Teresa!!!

Mary and Frank – Cape Coral Florida

Beloved ones, the journey into the painting of your Sacred Signature is one that enables you to understand the vast immensity of what exists within you through color and form. This is an experience of your heart expressing the wisdom and knowledge that you have come to share.

. I have become aware that these created soul paintings of your sacred signature bring special medicine to you as the receiver. So many times we forget how radiant and beautiful that we are as spirit and these channeled paintings are able to look within those dimensions of wholeness and healing potential. The painting is a call and remembrance to your inter-dimensional nature that has always existed and can help you to recognize your vibrant and radiant energy body. You can click on Akashic Records for more info.

Together in peace and love we will accelerate and integrate these blessed energies that are flowing. I look forward to creating this song of your soul and the vibrancy of your heart to celebrate YOU !!

more info about The Spirit of your Heart and Home

painterly energies and impressions of your home’s “essence”!

This becomes a unique and loving reminder of the special qualities of your home, painted in acrylic, watercolor and colored pencil on canvas. This can be a favorite home growing up, a home that you have now left but would like to remember, or the celebration of a new home!

How do you begin this co creation? We have a chat on the phone to connect and you can share with me your feelings and impressions about your home. We decide on price and size specifics. You email me photos of your property. I paint the essence of the house and the specialness that you have conveyed to me….you receive, hang and enjoy! A wonderful gift too!

Teresa Dunwell has studied with artists and spiritual guides on three continents, and
She will use the entirety of her knowledge to unlock the secrets of your soul and capture
them in watercolor and colored pencil. These beautiful works make great gifts, and they are
excellent markers of transitional occasions -- like birthdays, anniversaries, new children,
or life-changing moments.
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